Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

You Meet In A Tavern…

Hello and welcome to Loot Tables!

My name is Michael and I created this site because of a newfound passion for Dungeons & Dragons. I got int the hobby just a few years ago, but after playing in a few different campaigns, and running a game for almost a year now, I’ve wanted to let my creativity fly not only in the stories I tell or the characters I make, but creating things as well. So, I decided to start creating more for my D&D game, and that has evolved into this!

It started with a custom gaming table for my players, which was amazingly exciting to design and build. From there, I started making things for my players, many of whom were new to D&D overall, to help them with the game. From Health Potions to Spell Cards to a one-sheet introduction to each class to help them choose what they wanted to be- all of these things help so much with our game, and I enjoyed making them so much I want to help others. All Loot Tables creations are hand made by myself personally, and made with care and love for the game, and the communities we build around it.

The first run of several D&D-related products we are offering is just finishing up. Whether you’re looking for Potions or Dice Boxes, we have you covered. Bigger things like dice vaults, dice trays, or even dice themselves? Soon.

So please, take a look around! I know things are a bit sparse now as I prepare things to sell, but we’re going to be growing slow and steady. Sign up for our mailing list, and check back often as new products are made available. Also check us out on twitter and instagram for your daily dose of D&D goodness.

Until next time, may the crits be plenty and your games be fantastic.

– M

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  1. A friend recommended me on Twitter and I’ll definitely buy a health potion or two as soon as I can! Look forward to all merchandise you produce!

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