Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Video – Making Crystal Clear Dice

My dice making adventures have come so far in the past few weeks… even further than what’s even in this video… but it’s time to catch you all up on my creation of awesome clickclacks! If you’re here on the site you have seen a lot of this and I’m trying to make sure that my video creation is up to date with my instagram- so enjoy a more fleshed out look into how I make my crystal clear transparent dice!

And While You’re Here…

Remember that dice set preorders end THIS FRIDAY, the 15th! Starting Saturday handmade dice sets will be full price ($30) for the current series of 4 designs and there is a limited stock left of the current designs as well. So far Ultraviolet is the highest seller, with only 2 sets left!

I am so humbled by all of your support and how welcoming the tabletop creating community has been. Everyone is so welcoming and I can’t wait for what comes next! New processes, new designs, and some super awesome new masters are on the way to make my dice creations even more crazy! Stay tuned!

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