Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Video – Designing Products With LASERS!

It’s not just about dice here at Loot Tables, in fact I was working with lasers months before I started pouring resin in the first place! Being able to brand designs onto wood at will is a crazy cool way to personalize a creation or brand your work. While Branding Irons and other methods are available, sometimes robots with LASERS are the easiest option to get insane detail and control!

And while you’re here…

Why not pick up a few of these products for your favorite Cleric, DM, or Table this Holiday season?

More to come

I’m so excited for more maker videos on this YouTube channel, as well as some crazy new products and my new masters coming in soon! It’s all leading towards an exciting Kickstarter project coming early 2020 for these hand-crafted dice vaults!


Until next time, all!

– Michael

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