Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

The Way Forward

Welcome back everyone! This is your semi-regular look into what’s going on here at Loot Tables, and the future plans for the shop. Last time we did this we announced the #20d20 giveaway, which has been a huge hit, and there’s still a few days left with some awesome prizes as well, but now’s the time to talk about the next big things coming to the shop.

Kick to the Head

20d20 was just the beginning of awesome new products and events for Loot Tables. In February we’re going to be launching our very first Kickstarter to make the Dual Vault design we previewed all the way back in NOVEMBER a reality!

The Dual Vaults will be available in a variety of different exotic hardwoods and support Laser Engraving to customize and personalize your vault to match you, your character, or your group! Right now we’re still ramping up to get ready for this launch, but if you want to be the first to know about when the Kickstarter will go live, I suggest joining the mailing list, or following on Twitter or Instagram!

For now, a new page on the site detailing the upcoming Kickstarter is now live! Check it out here! Once the kickstarter is active that page with automatically redirect to the Kickstarter campaign page so you can back our first adventure into this space!

Inner Tranquility

The third subclass from my campaign setting turned into a free downloadable product is here! The Way of the Lotus is a martial art that focuses on energy and knowledge transfer. You act as a tank monk and frontline healer, with the ability to both drain life force from your enemies as well as redirect it to yourself or even allies at later levels.

The Azure, a monastic conclave dedicated to the recording of history and preservation of knowledge, span the entire globe of Galia.

To protect this knowledge, as well as to serve in their second mandate as a force for balance and justice in the world, the monks of the Asure practice the secretive traditions of the Way of the Lotus. This fighting style specializes in information and interrogation- gaining it, using it, and leveraging it against the enemy, both physically and mentally.

The innate connection to Ki allows Monks of this order to connect and channel their energies with the energies of those around them to learn all they can, as well as tap into the life forces of many living things to transfer power where it is needed most, or away from those who are dangerous.

The Way of the Lotus is available right now! You can add it to your card & get it for free just by clicking here, but you might as well grab some dice while you’re at it 😉

Preorder Update

Speaking of dice, let’s talk preorders! The first round of preordered sets of Ultraviolet or Sunken Treasure, are going to be shipped TOMORROW!

Now- some of you may have already received a “How did we do?” email which is an automated follow-up two weeks after your order has been placed. I want to profusely apologize as I made the mistake of creating an automated email that wasn’t quite smart enough for the preorder process and how I was handing things. I’ve corrected this for more recent orders, but some of you still might get the email in error. I hope that once you receive your dice sets you will let me know how I did though!

More preorders will ship out as soon as dice sets are ready, in the order that they are received! Right now January is pretty well booked, but I hope to get ahead by the end of the month to have all dice sets shipped and stock built for sets leading into the hype of the Kickstarter.

That’s a Wrap!

That’s it for this update! I am super excited for the final days of #20d20, but even more excited for what comes next with the Kickstarter. Making this dual vault design a reality is something I’ve been dreaming about for months- let’s see if we can make it happen together!


Until next time!

– Michael


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