Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

THE FIRST WAVE HAS SHIPPED! (Master Wave… get ready…)


The First Wave, those being backers in the tiers that are not Master or above, and do not include “Second Wave” in the name, is SHIPPED!

This has been a monumental effort, and I thank you all for bearing with me as I’ve struggled to keep production, social media, YouTube, updates here, and everything up to date. My family has been insanely supportive and helped me with packing boxes, which was a great family weekend, and I had organized with my local post office to be able to safely receive 99 packages with proper precautions for COVID-19 earlier this morning.

I posted a video with my thoughts (and an amazing me + ALL THE BOXES shot) just yesterday to talk a little bit about how I feel:

The Work Is Not Over…

Even though I’m celebrating, the work is not done. There’s the Master Tier, which is working on refining a second design that I’ve had in theory, but am now finally able to produce actual Master Vaults in actual fine hardwoods. I’ll be posting update photos on Twitter and Instagram over the next few weeks for that, but, like before, those might go quiet as I go into a fugue state while working in the shop.

Master Vault backers, PLEASE remember to complete your proofing spreadsheet to finalize your order! I’ll be sending reminder emails over this weekend to those who are incomplete, and we will lock Master Wave addresses near the end of this month, when your rewards are closer to ready. There were a few stragglers in the First Wave as well, which I didn’t notice until after making the packing labels, so your profile might seem a bit confusing, but you’ll be emailed directly also.

With the original estimates being right on time, things might slip by about a week, depending on a bunch of different factors, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Overall, I’ve taken the past two days to plan, rest, and recover, and this weekend I’m back to 100% working on the next round of deliveries.

I CANNOT WAIT to start seeing photos on Twitter and Instagram with people receiving their Dual Vaults, and I’ll be watching my support email for anyone who might unfortunately experience any issues with shipping. I am so excited that the boxes will soon be out in the wild, and someday soon, when it’s safe for us all to gather together again, at your game table.

Until the next update, be good to each other.

<3, Michael

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