Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Roll The Dice

Can’t decide which wood you want to get? Let fate choose!

Roll the Dice is a chance to get our most exotic woods at moderate prices, with a chance to find your new favorite finish and look for your new character.

Odds here are subject to change (read: improve) depending on our stretch goals! Make sure to check back before the campaign ends!

Oak: 12%

Cherry: 12%

Hickory (if unlocked): 12%

Mahogany (if unlocked): 8%

Jatoba: 8%

Walnut: 10%

Aromatic Cedar: 8%

Bloodwood (if unlocked): 4%

Padauk: 6%

Zebrawood: 4%

Teak (if unlocked): 4%

Purpleheart: 4%

Rosewood (if unlocked): 3%

Bocote: 2%

Wenge: 2%

Macassar Ebony: 1%

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