Monk Subclass: The Way of the Lotus


The Azure, a monastic conclave dedicated to the recording of history and preservation of knowledge, span the entire globe of Amerus.

To protect this knowledge, as well as to serve in their second mandate as a force for balance and justice in the world, the monks of the Asure practice the secretive traditions of the Way of the Lotus. This fighting style specializes in information and interrogation- gaining it, using it, and leveraging it against the enemy, both physically and mentally.

The innate connection to Ki allows Monks of this order to connect and channel their energies with the energies of those around them to learn all they can, as well as tap into the life forces of many living things to transfer power where it is needed most, or away from those who are dangerous.


v1.0 (1/15/20)

  • Initial Release


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