Fighter Subclass: Knight of the Black Rose


The Knights of the Black Rose are an elite order or fighters in the Elserion Empire, with total allegiance to the current ruler of the land: Queen Isabel.

The Order was established at the rise of the second Elserion Dynasty to protect the world from the dangers of Magic. Throughout their two-hundred year history, the Knights have had to squash multiple rebellions as well as the rise of three powerful Arcanists that threatened to plunge the world into a new age of chaos.

Dedicated to protecting the land that they call home from a second Age of Arcane rule, members of this order are trained from childhood ways to disrupt and destroy practitioners of magic that speak the end of life as it is known. The word cannot fall into a third age of Magic, they are the ones who will hold the line to ensure it.


v1.0 (11/6/19)

  • Initial Release


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