Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Out of the Shadows…

Hello everyone! It’s been a hot minute since we spoke last.

I’ve mainly been locked in my garage, fighting with a CNC machine that refuses to balance, which was a pretty big hangup as far as the original plan for some new products I was trying to make, so I am switching gears and moving on to some things that originally were a bit further down the road, but now are the prime goal!

Roll Initiative

So there are two main things I’m working on to release here on the store! I am creating handmade dice and downloadable supplements for 5th edition! Each subclass (and classes, eventually), will released here on the site every couple weeks, and I’m currently getting the new space set up in the office and creating a new refined set of molds for creating custom handmade resin dice, take a look!

So that’s the dice making, some of which you’ve seen a few prototypes for, but you will likely see FAR MORE of on our Instagram as well as some creation videos on my Michael Makes youtube channel (where you can see the previously mentioned CNC battle).


The second thing I’ll be offering is some of the homebrew content I have from my own campaign as both free and paid downloadable content. Expect custom magic items, subclasses, classes, dungeons, and even full-blown adventures down the road if everything works out! The first subclass I am releasing for free TODAY is the School of Shadows Wizard Subclass for 5th Edition. You can check it out below:


Please feel free to leave me feedback here, or on twitter @LootTables… I’ll be watching! I might also need to run a few playtest games, if you’re interested. Some more information on that should be coming soon.


Until next time, it’s good to be back- and I can’t wait to bring some new creations to the table.


… get it?

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