Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Leveling Up

We are so close… so close to something new.

We’ve been playing with some new tools out in the garage (yes, we’re still in a garage) to create some new products. If you follow us on Instagram you have been seeing a few, but it was time to post an update here.

We’re working on a bunch of laser engraved and CNC machined items, including dice vaults, player vaults, dice trays, accessories, and more! Here, take a look at one half of a new coaster design that is going to be the first of the new items in the shop!

I’ll let you guess what’s on the other side…

Expect some of the new products to hit the store soon, like… VERY SOON. Probably next week soon.

Now, all I need is a table saw, and I think some of those dice vaults will be available…




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