Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

It’s Time! First Wave, You’re Up!

Hello everyone.

First up, I hope everyone is doing well in these utterly messed up times. The world is a bad place right now, so please- remember to take time for yourself to find rest and relaxation. I’ve been finding that mainly in the workshop, which has been therapeutic… and very very dusty!
I’ve been very busy today, and recorded this quick video after a successful final (and I do mean FINAL, I’ll have stories to tell after this is all over) run to this hardwood vendor.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what happens next!


The Time Has Come

We’re approaching the end of the first production wave on the Dual Vaults! You might have seen Instagram posts from Purpleheart, Aromatic Cedar, and Walnut vaults, but with the final woods I picked up today, I have 100% coverage to finish the final few vaults to complete the First Wave! This has been something I’ve talked about primarily in Instagram Livestreams and has been stressing me out as I will likely not be using this supplier again- they aren’t the best communicators & we had some last minute delays that had me panicking this past week, but we’re there!

With that- the time has almost come to lock in addresses for shipment! It’s going to be a couple more late nights in the shop, as these delays far exceeded what I was hoping, but finally everything is in my hands, not my supplier or anyone else’s.

If you are a part of the First Wave, that being non-Master vaults that backed before the 15th (basically, your tier doesn’t include”Master” or “Second Wave”), your address is going to get locked in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, with the same 72 hour final notice between it being initialized and totally locking that happened when your order was locked and cards were charged. From there, I’ll be packing up the vaults over the next couple weeks to ship everything out during the last week of July / First week of August- with the extra time in place to try and cover some additional safety measures to avoid COVID-19. It’s a little later than the original July 31st shipping date, but those dates were established pre-global pandemic, so I hope a week or two of extra time is acceptable.

A Note On Macassar Ebony Dual Vaults

The Macassar Ebony, which has been so difficult to get my hands on, is unfortunately too small that I can provide a Dual Vault in a single, unbonded piece of wood. The vendor did not respect the original parameters of 3.25″ per board, and instead delivered 3″. Given that we’re short on time, I begrudgingly accepted, as I didn’t want to delay your vaults any further!

I wanted to be totally transparent before people received their vaults, but I’ll be working some magic to get everything into the proper dimensions, whether that being slightly slimming and elongating the original design to fit in what I have (which I’m exploring), or by bonding pieces of wood together similar to how you see cutting boards or other larger pieces of work being made. I’ll be polling the backers who have selected Ebony in a separate email, and this will be especially important for Master Vault backers, again, who I’ll be reaching out to as the Master Vaults come up in shipping. I do not expect this to impact backers who have selected a Macassar Ebony inlay.

The Proof Is In The Spreadsheet

Just a quick reminder that you MUST complete your proofing spreadsheet if your order is in a state where proofing is required, or else your order will be delayed. If you don’t see an email coming from hello@loottables.com, check your spam, OR you could go to your “Review” page on Backerkit and find your proofing doc here: https://dual-vaults.backerkit.com/backer/review

Once you proof your order, so I can be sure which personalizations go with which vaults, we’re on to the final steps!


We are so close! I cannot wait!

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