Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Introducing the Loot Tables Character Tracker

I am so excited for this, my third Kickstarter! These acrylic character trackers are the perfect addition to your table returning to in-person play. Do you love playing with a physical character sheet but hate constantly writing and erasing when you take some damage?  My brand new Laser-Cut acrylic Character Trackers help you by providing a wet or dry-erase surface that will never be marred by constantly writing and erasing your most important spots and class features.

These new character trackers come along with a very characterful update to the Dual Vault line, with class-specific icons for all of the 13 5E classes and one for Dungeons Masters as well! The dual vault features two precision machines pockets perfect for storing two full dice sets, minis, coins, tokens, or whatever else you would need for your game, and will be available in five woods.


I am so excited for this project and I hope you are too! Remember that tonight, I’m doing a D&D stream on Twitch with some of my friends tonight and next Friday to celebrate this new campaign! Make sure to click the image below for a spooky 5e campaign with a few of my friends, and your first chance to get your hands on one!


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