Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Holiday Promotions, Livestreams, & KICKSTARTER #3!

Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about some upcoming events and updates for the site! I’ve been working on new dice designs, new product lines, and so much more – and it’s time to show it off to all of you. First up, let’s talk dice!


Let’s Roll

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of the new dice designs that I was prototyping, here’s a quick list:

Parcel of Stardust, Hunter’s Bane, Death Adder, Chaos Reach, Morning Ritual, and Lover’s Lament were all originally planned to be offered first as part of my third Kickstarter of the year, but because of some production delays in some of the people I am looking to partner with and be able to much more reliably make handmade dice, I have to push that off – but I do still want to make these dice sets available before the end of the year.

Because of this, I will be doing a dice drop on October 29th at 2pm EST, with 2 sets of each design available for purchase. These are the first Series 3 designs, and mark a turn for me- I’m going all out to make my dice be more and more unique.


But what are dice without a nice place to keep them? I’m going to be offering 15% off of all Dual Vaults and Slim Vaults through November 26th, so you will be able to grab a vault that is perfectly yours to hold your brand new dice!

Slim Vaults will be offered starting on the 29th in 6 woods: Cherry, Black Walnut, Aromatic Cedar, Padauk, Purpleheart, and Wenge. Dual Vaults will be offered in all currently available woods. Additionally, due to sourcing, some Dual Vaults like Bocote and Rosewood will be in extremely limited supply. If you want one of those, grab them while you can because they will likely go FAST.


But that’s not all…

While I know everyone is excited for dice, that’s now all I have been up to though… I have a few new things up my sleeve.

These engraved metal bottle opener cards are available RIGHT NOW and come in two variants, starting with the Loot Tables logo, as well as the logo for Legundo – my gaming YouTube channel. There are more designs for this product coming very soon, but I can’t reveal those QUITE yet, because they tie in to what I am working on next.


Kickstarter #3

Ok, this is the big one. I will ALSO be revealing Loot Table’s next Kickstarter project on October 29th at 2pm EST with a new blog post here as well as reveal images on all of my socials. The Kickstarter will start in November, and is planned to fulfil in early January. This one is pretty classy, if I do say so myself, and starts a family of designs that I am very excited for. This one would serve as a great just-after-the-holiday accessory for your favorite TTRPG player. Just pack a photo in the box with anything else you grab from the store 🙂

(Also, just in case any of you would be holding out, this is NOT a new Dice Vault design or dice set. It’s something totally new)



This one is exciting. I’M DOING A D&D STREAM! On Friday October 29th and Friday November 5th, at 8:30pm EST both days I’m running a spooky D&D two-shot featuring some close friends and faces from around the TTRPG-verse! Keep an eye out on my Twitch channel, Twitter, and here for more information!

More info on this to be revealed soon – but rumor has it I’ll also be giving away some goodies 😉

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