Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Because who has just one set, or doesn’t need to carry your dice and your mini?


Far too many dice vaults are either limited to only 7 dice, or contain a single large section for all of your tabletop needs. This Dual Vault is designed to be a low profile, affordable, and clean solution for your tabletop traveling needs.

This slim dice vault provides you with a beautiful personalized and safe way to transport your dice, minis, tokens, and anything else you can fit inside securely and safely.

Precision Engineered

The dual vault features two precision machines pockets perfect for storing two full dice sets, minis, coins, tokens, or whatever else you would need for your game.

Each vault is 5.2 in. wide by 2.9 in. wide and a total of 1.25 in tall divided between the body and the lid. The lid is secured by four rare earth Neodymium magnets that hold the case closed with over 14 pounds of force.

Each vault is precision machined in a variety of hardwoods to within .5mm tolerances and made in my workshop in Northern Virginia.


Distinctly Yours

Each vault will have optional customization via precision laser engraving on the lid with a message of your choice.

Additionally Kickstarter and Day One supporters will receive an additional customization that will never be available again!

Over a Dozen Wood Options

The Dual Vault will be available in as many as 13 distinct wood options determined by our stretch goals, with 7 being available at launch of the project including exotic hardwoods such as Wenge and Purpleheart.

We are working directly with local hardwood suppliers to support other small businesses while sourcing high quality stock to create each and every beautiful vault.

Why Kickstarter?

So if I’ve already made this, why Kickstarter? Well to be honest it’s a matter of time. While I’ve been able to create several different prototypes of the vault, it’s a lengthy process, totaling over 5 hours of just machine time, not including the finishing & personalization.

Add to this that the CNC I am currently using isn’t the most reliable, and you have a recipe for a disastrous product launch, which I would rather avoid. With the proper tools I will be able to product Dual Vaults quickly and with few errors, in as little as an hour.

Plus, since this is something I’ve already made, I expect risks & challenges to be minimal- with only the setup of a more capable machine which should be able to be done in a single weekend. I fully expect to deliver on all backer’s pledges before the Summer.


The Kickster is currently planned for early February. Join our mailing list and check back to know when we’re live!

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