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Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

Dice Orders & Upcoming Kickstarter

Heya all!

I wanted to stop by with a quick update on dice (pre)orders and the upcoming Kickstarter. Right now I’ve been working on a rolling ~3 week timeline between people ordering dice sets and shipping them out, and when that’s all I had to work on, it was super easy to maintain that, but with the Dual Vault KS closing, and over 200+ boxes PLUS the Kickstarter dice, I am going to need to be head down on that in order to fulfill everything on time, so- small update.

I am going to be marking all of the Series 2 dice sets out of stock on Saturday. Everyone who has currently ordered can expect their dice in the next couple weeks, and by then the pledge manager surveys should be done, and I can get started with the vaults and Kickstarter exclusive dice sets. I’ll also be using the time to do some experimentation with new and improved designs, including something like this set that I made just for myself:

Once the Kickstarter is all fulfilled, I’ll build up a bit of stock & reopen the store with dice sets being instant ship, and then we’ll be back to the standard turnaround on orders. During this time I will probably open up some sets in limited, pre-finished runs, to make sure you can still grab the Series 2 dice sets, just on a schedule that doesn’t interfere with the Kickstarter.

I wanted to give everyone a head’s up on this, and I apologize if it’s going to keep you apart from your favorite new click clax for too long, but I’m still just one person doing all this, and I want to make sure I am being fair to everyone.

Just over three days left until the Kickstarter closes! I am so excited!

– Michael

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