Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

An Update By Any Other Name…

Hello all and welcome back to another update! These should feel a bit more frequent as I’m working on keeping new products coming to the store- advancing my dicemaking and woodworking offerings, and spreading the love around the community! Let’s get started!

A Rose By Any Other Name

So, I have been working on a custom campaign setting for over a year now- building off of a mishmash of several settings with some unique creations of my own to form a new campaign setting for the one game I have run, and potentially other games I am going to be starting (if you’re interested in doing a pickup D&D game, add your comment below!). You’ve already seen my first subclass that has spawned from this effort, the dark and admittedly simple School of Shadows Wizard.

Well, the second subclass is out, and this is a badass mage hunter that don’t take no shit from nobody! These Fighters are deeply trained and highly skilled in one area: hunting Archanists.

The Knights of the Black Rose are an elite order or fighters in the Elserion Empire, with total allegiance to the current ruler of the land: Queen Isabel.

The Order was established at the rise of the second Elserion Dynasty to protect the world from the dangers of Magic. Throughout their two-hundred year history, the Knights have had to squash multiple rebellions as well as the rise of three powerful Arcanists that threatened to plunge the world into a new age of chaos.

Dedicated to protecting the land that they call home from a second Age of Arcane rule, members of this order are trained from childhood ways to disrupt and destroy practitioners of magic that speak the end of life as it is known. The word cannot fall into a third age of Magic, they are the ones who will hold the line to ensure it.

You can get the Knight of the Black Rose subclass for free RIGHT NOW over in the shop!

This class is just the beginning, I am working on my first PAID Downloadable product, a Dungeon located in the heart of a bustling city. While not inhabited with monsters and traps in the traditional sense, the monsters of man and the trap and lure of fortune can be quite compelling under the Raven’s Wing…

Bless Up!

I’m not just announcing new digital products today either! The Bless/Bane tokens that I created a few weeks back are some of my favorite designs yet, and I wanted to immortalize them into more than just a tool for Clerics, but also as a sort of official uniform as well.

This TShirt design combines both sides of the Cleric coin right over the heart to best focus that divine energy! Emblazoned with Bless and Bane graphics on this tee, you shine bright as a Cleric and bring forth divinely good fashion.

The shirt is available RIGHT NOW in the shop!






I wanted to close today by Congratulating Campfire Quest on their successful 25 hour livestream for charity this past weekend! They raised over $1,200 to help Extra Life, and we could not be more proud as a partner and sponsor!

Super awesome to see great things coming out of the community, whether it be this or the recent Dispel Dice Kickstarter that has raised $1.6 MILLION in less than 24 hours for premium handmade dice. You are an inspiration to me and other fledgling dice creators… and what an inspiration at that. I can’t wait to see what comes out of that, or to one day have something of that quality!

Speaking of Dice…

Final reminder that Dice preorders end on November 15th, and revert to their normal prices at that time! Preorders will ship out shortly after that, likely over the weekend, and should arrive at their new homes very soon after. I’m already working on new designs like Winter’s Breath to add to the store soon which won’t go through the same preorder process and instead just be on sale, however initial stocks might be limited for some of these runs so be sure to keep an eye out!



That’s it for me today! Two new products announced and a ton of awesome adventures just over the horizon. As always, follow us on Instagram or Twitter for more rapid-fire updates and BTS pics, and until next time- keep being awesome.

<3, Michael

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