Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

300% Funded! Final Woods Unlocked!

We made it!

I was super excited about this one, and we made it! We are at EXACTLY 300% funded and the final set of new woods, Tigerwood and Ebony, are unlocked! The vibrant color stribing and dark, mysterious black woods are the final addition to the wood lineup for this Kickstarter!
Here’s the final lineup:

What a week this has been, and we’re still not even half done with the campaign! The final currently planned Stretch Goal is at $7,000 and then personalized engraving for all Kickstarter backers is FREE! This is another big goal at 350% funded, but I have faith in our campaign to make something really special!

What’s next?

Well, I am already at work assembling the updates to my workshop & putting the necessary improvements in place to create these vaults at scale. I should have the first few product tests, as well as a video on my DIY YouTube Channel, within the next couple weeks- definitely before the campaign ends.
Right now I don’t have any more stretch goals planned after $7k, mainly because I want to keep the scope of this campaign small & manageable. The primary goal is to get these vaults into your hands as soon as possible- anything else added to it would just delay that. I am even considering closing the tiers for the currently delivery structure soon, and opening identical ones with a later delivery date, so that everyone is 100% informed about what they will be getting, and when. That will likely happen this coming weekend.
If we smash through all our goals, I have a very vague idea of something I can do at $10,000 because that is so monumental, but that will remain a secret for now until the time comes. It could be fun, but I want to keep some secrets for myself, for just a little while longer…
Until next time, I’m going to get back to work.
– Michael

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