Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!
Loot Tables Gift Cards Now Available!

$10,000… that’s something special Here’s something EVERYONE is getting!

I honestly never expected this…

To be 100% up front, I never thought we’d make it to this level. $10,000 seems like such a wild number, it’s an order or magnitude higher than I thought, and something really special. I had promised something special if we made it this far, and I am pretty happy with this. Everyone who has backed at a level that involves shipping (so basically any tier except the Natural 20 tier) will be getting one of these stickers in this package. No add-on, no extra charge.

This is my thank you to all of you for the crazy support and kindness I’ve seen over the past few weeks. This is the preview mock-up that I’m working on, the final artwork is potentially subject to change:

If you do happen to want more than one of these stickers, I will also add them to the Pledge Manager for $3 each.

I… I don’t really know what else to say right now. I’m kind of in shock. I will be doing some live streams on Instagram over the next couple days, to make sure to follow there for that, as well as pictures of the dice vaults and my other products, as well as my YouTube for upcoming build videos. Only about 72 hours to go now! What a rise this has been, and this is only the beginning…

Until then!

– Michael

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